Oil and gas industry workers are among the most stressed professionals in the world. The reason for this is basic: Oil and gas is needed and the demand is usually high. So, these workers would strive hard to meet up with the daily demands. This implies that they would not sleep as they should, and there would barely be no time for relaxation and recreation.

Oil and gas workers barely have time to put their lives in order, this is why they need the support of family and friends to fare well. Oil and gas workers find it difficult to control their stress-filled life, so a good number of them end up getting addicted in the process.

Some people have the false notion that when you are stressed, the best way you can help yourself is to engage in an activity that would provide you with pleasure. So, for some of them, they would prefer to take alcohol or drugs to re-energize them.

The truth about these substances is, they only function in the short term. In the long term, you will realize that they have not produced a far-reaching effect. So, what individuals would do in this case is to look for more of these substances and take them. Sometimes, they would increase the intake for a higher effect.

Oil and gas workers are highly paid, so it is very easy to maintain their addiction without feeling the financial effect. One of the downsides to their addiction is the fact that, they would barely have time for their loved ones.

They would spend more time satisfying their addiction instead of being with people who love and care for them.

In the long-term, addiction reduces the productivity of an oil and gas worker and they do not end working for a long period of time. So, when they retire, most of them who are addicted would spend their savings on purchasing these addictive substances.

It is expedient for oil and gas workers to seek help when they realize an addiction is in play, so that they can get themselves back on track.

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