Oil and gas workers are very busy individuals who barely have time for themselves. However, they are seen as individuals who are very adept when it comes to the performance of tasks. They try within their means to ensure they keep up with the demands of the state and nation at large.

There is another side to the life of oil and gas workers that we do not see. We barely think for a moment how these individuals take out time to rest. The stress they encounter on the field on a daily basis requires that they take weeks off in refreshing themselves.

They are not afforded that luxury however, so even if they have breaks, it could be for a day or two.

If there is one thing that oil and gas workers are poor at, it is the maintenance of their health and how they handle stress. Oil and gas workers have been known to take the poor measures in stress management. This is what made some of them addicted.

The public needs to be more sensitive to this aspect of their lives. Perhaps, it would help us display empathy towards them. Oil and gas workers are likened to the civil defense of any nation. Without them, it would be difficult to facilitate other important life processes within a state or nation.

One of the ways a government can employ to make sure that oil and gas workers are properly remunerated, is to input more technological processes in place. This will reduce the burden at work and it will assist them to work faster.

Also, the government of that state or nation should make healthcare services more accessible to them. If it were possible, they should be given discounts when making payments for healthcare services. There should also be a special provision for them to go for medical checkups, to ascertain the state of their physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.

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