With the increasing occurrence of addiction and mental health problems among oil and gas workers, there is a heightened need for counselors to come to the rescue. This does not mean that other healthcare providers are not important, but the counseling feature is foundational.

Oil and gas workers sometimes have no one to come to their rescue. They barely have time to interact with family and friends because of the time that their work exhausts. This is why they need a counselor who is professionally enabled to shoulder the emotional responsibilities of an oil and gas worker.

If there are counselors available, the occurrence of addiction and mental health problems would be minimal. This would be possible because the workers would see the counselor as their go-to person when they need any help.

Counselors are professionally trained to handle all matters adeptly. They have a high emotional quotient, so this enables them to cater for people who would certainly have various characters.

Hence, it is safe to say that if the counseling feature has been integrated into the oil and gas industry, the prevalence of addiction would be on the decline. This would be possible because these individuals would know how to better handle themselves when it comes to their physical, mental and emotional health.

A counselor’s desire is to see his or her patient maintain a clean bill of health devoid of any form of abuse, addiction or mental health problem. This is why they would keep tabs on every individual under their care, in order to make sure that they are well.

For individuals in the oil and gas industry who are already addicted, the counselor is still available to expertly handle any form of addiction. This would be made easier if the individual is ready to cooperate and open up fully to the counselor.

This would enable the counselor to properly assess and evaluate the addiction problem, thereby coming up with a working solution that would be useful during rehab therapy.  

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