Oil and gas workers are individuals who are exposed to various hazards in the oil industry. In the addiction process, they are at-risk of being addicted. So, even though they are paid really high, the addiction problem is a factor which plagues a good number of them.

A large output of oil and gas is needed on a daily basis, so you can expect the amount of pressure mounted on these individuals to make sure that they meet up to the demands.

Addiction can be avoided among oil and gas workers if the following measures are put in place:

  • Identification of personal triggers: Oil workers need to understand that what triggers them are different. Hence, there is a need for them to understand their uniqueness. Also, this is one of the reasons why it is important to have a counselor who would guide them in identifying what makes them triggered.

Once the triggers has been identified, it would be easy to work around them.

  • Stress Avoidance: Oil and gas workers face a lot of stress, and most of them do not know how to manage this condition. Oil workers need to know how to manage stress so that it would not affect their productivity. It is not bad to take a break for a while and relax. Also, recreational activities could come in handy.
  • Reach out for help: Also, it is advised that oil and gas workers contact the appropriate quarters that can help, before things get out of hand. It would be best to consult a trained counselor who is adept in treating addiction-related cases.
  • Remain Motivated: Oil and gas workers are encouraged to remain motivated at all times. Taking addictive substances or indulging in addictive acts is a wrong way to be motivated. They can make plans to spend ample time with friends and family who would provide them with enough support.

Among oil and gas workers, it is correct to state that, preventive addictive measures is more effective than post-addiction treatment measures.

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