Oil and gas workers are very busy individuals who barely have time for themselves. However, they are seen as individuals who are very adept when it comes to the performance of tasks. They try within their means to ensure they keep up with the demands of the state and nation at large.

There is another side to the life of oil and gas workers that we do not see. We barely think for a moment how these individuals take out time to rest. The stress they encounter on the field on a daily basis requires that they take weeks off in refreshing themselves.

They are not afforded that luxury however, so even if they have breaks, it could be for a day or two.

If there is one thing that oil and gas workers are poor at, it is the maintenance of their health and how they handle stress. Oil and gas workers have been known to take the poor measures in stress management. This is what made some of them addicted.

The public needs to be more sensitive to this aspect of their lives. Perhaps, it would help us display empathy towards them. Oil and gas workers are likened to the civil defense of any nation. Without them, it would be difficult to facilitate other important life processes within a state or nation.

One of the ways a government can employ to make sure that oil and gas workers are properly remunerated, is to input more technological processes in place. This will reduce the burden at work and it will assist them to work faster.

Also, the government of that state or nation should make healthcare services more accessible to them. If it were possible, they should be given discounts when making payments for healthcare services. There should also be a special provision for them to go for medical checkups, to ascertain the state of their physical, mental, psychological and emotional health.



Oil and gas industry workers are among the most stressed professionals in the world. The reason for this is basic: Oil and gas is needed and the demand is usually high. So, these workers would strive hard to meet up with the daily demands. This implies that they would not sleep as they should, and there would barely be no time for relaxation and recreation.

Oil and gas workers barely have time to put their lives in order, this is why they need the support of family and friends to fare well. Oil and gas workers find it difficult to control their stress-filled life, so a good number of them end up getting addicted in the process.

Some people have the false notion that when you are stressed, the best way you can help yourself is to engage in an activity that would provide you with pleasure. So, for some of them, they would prefer to take alcohol or drugs to re-energize them.

The truth about these substances is, they only function in the short term. In the long term, you will realize that they have not produced a far-reaching effect. So, what individuals would do in this case is to look for more of these substances and take them. Sometimes, they would increase the intake for a higher effect.

Oil and gas workers are highly paid, so it is very easy to maintain their addiction without feeling the financial effect. One of the downsides to their addiction is the fact that, they would barely have time for their loved ones.

They would spend more time satisfying their addiction instead of being with people who love and care for them.

In the long-term, addiction reduces the productivity of an oil and gas worker and they do not end working for a long period of time. So, when they retire, most of them who are addicted would spend their savings on purchasing these addictive substances.

It is expedient for oil and gas workers to seek help when they realize an addiction is in play, so that they can get themselves back on track.



With the increasing occurrence of addiction and mental health problems among oil and gas workers, there is a heightened need for counselors to come to the rescue. This does not mean that other healthcare providers are not important, but the counseling feature is foundational.

Oil and gas workers sometimes have no one to come to their rescue. They barely have time to interact with family and friends because of the time that their work exhausts. This is why they need a counselor who is professionally enabled to shoulder the emotional responsibilities of an oil and gas worker.

If there are counselors available, the occurrence of addiction and mental health problems would be minimal. This would be possible because the workers would see the counselor as their go-to person when they need any help.

Counselors are professionally trained to handle all matters adeptly. They have a high emotional quotient, so this enables them to cater for people who would certainly have various characters.

Hence, it is safe to say that if the counseling feature has been integrated into the oil and gas industry, the prevalence of addiction would be on the decline. This would be possible because these individuals would know how to better handle themselves when it comes to their physical, mental and emotional health.

A counselor’s desire is to see his or her patient maintain a clean bill of health devoid of any form of abuse, addiction or mental health problem. This is why they would keep tabs on every individual under their care, in order to make sure that they are well.

For individuals in the oil and gas industry who are already addicted, the counselor is still available to expertly handle any form of addiction. This would be made easier if the individual is ready to cooperate and open up fully to the counselor.

This would enable the counselor to properly assess and evaluate the addiction problem, thereby coming up with a working solution that would be useful during rehab therapy.  



Oil and gas workers are individuals who are expected to deliver a lot. A good number of times, they are expected to perform more than their average output simply because, there is a target that needs to be met.

Oil and gas workers barely have time to rest, they are always on the field striving to ensure productivity is high, and this is one of the reasons why they are highly paid.

Oil and gas workers barely have time to rest from the stress of work. In most countries, the number of oil workers is small compared to the volume of work available.

It is not usually the government’s fault that the number of available oil workers is small, some of them do not actually work for long, and they retire sooner than expected.

If Oil and gas workers are to work for a long period of time spanning into years, their health must be preserved, and there are a few essential ways to ensure this.

First off, oil and gas workers are expected to maintain a healthy diet. Due to the volume of stress and the pressure mounted on them, they do not really pay attention to what they eat, and this is why they eat junks.

It is important for oil and gas workers to take time out to monitor their diet. It is not a bad idea to involve a nutritionist who would give a suitable nutrient plan to stick with, based on the nature of their work.

Also, another health tip is effective rest. Oil and gas workers are advised to find ample time to rest, and spend time with friends and family. This is beneficial for their physical and mental health. It reduces the chances of mental health problems.

Furthermore, it is expected that oil and gas workers undergo exercise. This is to make sure that their overall state of health is sustained.

There are more health tips for oil and gas workers but these ones are basic, and if they are properly followed, they would be healthier.



Oil and gas workers are individuals who are exposed to various hazards in the oil industry. In the addiction process, they are at-risk of being addicted. So, even though they are paid really high, the addiction problem is a factor which plagues a good number of them.

A large output of oil and gas is needed on a daily basis, so you can expect the amount of pressure mounted on these individuals to make sure that they meet up to the demands.

Addiction can be avoided among oil and gas workers if the following measures are put in place:

  • Identification of personal triggers: Oil workers need to understand that what triggers them are different. Hence, there is a need for them to understand their uniqueness. Also, this is one of the reasons why it is important to have a counselor who would guide them in identifying what makes them triggered.

Once the triggers has been identified, it would be easy to work around them.

  • Stress Avoidance: Oil and gas workers face a lot of stress, and most of them do not know how to manage this condition. Oil workers need to know how to manage stress so that it would not affect their productivity. It is not bad to take a break for a while and relax. Also, recreational activities could come in handy.
  • Reach out for help: Also, it is advised that oil and gas workers contact the appropriate quarters that can help, before things get out of hand. It would be best to consult a trained counselor who is adept in treating addiction-related cases.
  • Remain Motivated: Oil and gas workers are encouraged to remain motivated at all times. Taking addictive substances or indulging in addictive acts is a wrong way to be motivated. They can make plans to spend ample time with friends and family who would provide them with enough support.

Among oil and gas workers, it is correct to state that, preventive addictive measures is more effective than post-addiction treatment measures.



Oil and gas workers struggle with addiction, and this affects a good number of them. As a matter of fact, this is the reason why some of them do not work for long. This addiction affects their productivity and in the shortest possible time, they retire from the industry.

One of the commonest forms of addiction that oil and gas workers face, is alcohol addiction. A good number of oil and gas workers are stuck on alcohol, because they believe it is potent enough to help them deal effectively with stress. This is a false widespread notion that most of them are used to. In the long run, alcohol addiction exposes them to other health problems.

Handling all these is usually overwhelming for people who are addicted to alcohol. This is why some of them find it uneasy for them to work for a long time. Another common addiction among oil workers is drug addiction.

It follows the same trend as alcohol addiction. In fact, a good number of oil and gas workers are addicted to both alcohol and drugs, and this adversely affects their health.

Oil workers who are addicted find it difficult to hang out with their family and friends because of their addiction. So, they would prefer to spend time with their friends drinking all day and night instead of spending time with their loved ones.

Other common forms of addiction among oil and gas workers are sex addiction, food addiction and a host of others. These forms of addiction are known as the behavioral form of addiction, and they can be effectively treated having a counselor around.

There are a whole lot of detrimental effects which oil and gas workers face, which could result in eventual death.

This is why it is advised that oil and gas workers who are addicted, should opt for treatment before it gets too late. In the addiction process, it is better to prevent addiction than to treat.



The oil and gas industry is saddled with the addiction feature, and it has been known to be responsible for the obliteration of lives.

People who venture into the oil and gas industry have one goal, and that is to make sure that their lives and that of their families get better. However, they do not know that addiction lurks in the corner waiting to overpower them.

People who work in the oil and gas industry cannot totally take the fall for it. The reason for this is because of the stressful working conditions that come with the oil and gas industry.

There is a lot to consider in order to make sure that they perform optimally. The oil industry is a wealthy one, and this is hinged on the volume of oil and gas produced on a regular basis.

Therefore, these workers need to work overtime to make sure they meet up with the ever-growing demand. As you would expect, these workers are paid handsomely because of what they put themselves through.

Sadly, some of them die in the process because they are unable to cope, while some of them retire sooner than expected.

The common types of addiction in the oil and gas industry is alcohol and drug addiction.

There are other forms of addiction that oil workers face like sex, video gaming addiction and the likes, but those addiction types need time and dedication. For alcohol and drugs however, they are substances that can be taken at any time.

Oil workers need to take care of their stress-filled lives, and this is why they abuse alcohol and drugs. With time, their addiction problem becomes worse, and there is a decline in their productivity at work.

There is an important call for more concern in the oil and gas industry. Addicted individuals need to be given prompt attention in order to make sure that they get back on their feet. For an increase in productivity, oil workers need to be of a sound mind and clean bill of health.